The UK´s Best Bingo Sites for 2017 – Online Bingo with Real Money

The name of this game is one of the most recognizable tidbits of pop culture and society – so even those who have never actually played might still, to some extent, be familiar with bingo halls full of participants eagerly awaiting the right numbers to be called. Rumoured to have already been played in 16th century Italy, different interpretations of this social game have made their way through Europe and all the way to the US – where its rendition as ‘Beano’, a county fair attraction, soon caught on like wildfire at social gatherings and parties.

Operator Welcome Bonus Games Promotions and Specials Rating
Wink Bingo logo £55* 4 Loyalty points, Wheel of Prizes welcome offer .Excellent
888 Ladies logo £60* 4 Daily specials, VIP club .Excellent
Gala Bingo logo £40* 5 Happy Hour specials, referral bonuses .Very good
Dream Bingo logo £50* 3 Progressive jackpots, Multilevel Jackpot .Very good
*T&C’s apply to each of the offers.

Bingo as we know it today was ready for mass exposure after a bit of rebranding and the subsequent expansion of the number cards. Since then, its popularity has only increased, and the spread of real money online gambling ushered in the era of never-ending game offers that are now more diverse than ever. If you’re keen to know how to navigate the world of online bingo games for money, check out our quick guide to the best operators, advantages of online bingo sites, and the rundown on best mobile apps.

So why do so many people play online bingo for money? Well, for one, this game is extremely easy and laid back – which is true for its online version as well as land-based playing. The rules are simple – you stamp your sheet when you hear one of your playing numbers being called. Depending on the game version, you might be working with a 5×5 number grid (with each column spelling B-I-N-G-O) or a 3×9 grid. When you complete a winning line you call out ‘Bingo’ and will have your lines checked before you claim the win. And, unlike other casino staples, high wagers are not common – some games cost as low as 2p to enter!

As opposed to land-based play halls, online rooms are accessible 24/7, so you can rest assured that there will always be a room to play in no matter the hour. Another added benefit of playing online is the variety. You will find a huge selection of themes, jackpots and wager sizes, and game types – ranging from 30-ball to 90-ball bingo. Modernised variations include a fast and automated marking system for your cards, while more traditional rooms may even include a live caller feature!


  • Easy to play
  • Available 24/7
  • Wide selection of rooms
  • Game communities and chat rooms
  • Generous bonuses
  • Low deposit threshold

Now, many people may feel that the charm of this game is rooted in its social aspect – meeting other people, having a chat, enjoying a familiar atmosphere. The good news is, reputable operators have been able to not only retain but also optimise the social nature of this game – players have built up close-knit groups in chat rooms, and operators have established easy ways for new players get to know the other participants and easily integrate themselves into the online community.

Other reasons why people play bingo online for money are the bonuses – which extend way beyond the typical welcome bonus. Numerous sites now offer weekly or even daily specials, special themed or seasonal bonus offers, big-jackpot play times, as well as loyalty bonuses, cash and other prizes.

How to Find the Best Online Bingo Sites

Are you intrigued? Then let us give you some handy information about where and how to find the best bingo sites. As with other for-money online games, your best bet, first and foremost, is to find a reputable operator that possesses all the necessary licensing in the UK. Only then can you rest assured that you’re not risking the mishandling of your deposit and wins by a questionable site. It’s also a good idea to have a look at reviews from other users or gambling associations to see where you can find the most secure, advanced and player-friendly bingo sites. A good site should always have a reliable and varied offer of payment options, including the most used and trusted e-wallet methods such as PayPal or Skrill.


  • Reputable casino with proper licensing and regulatory oversight
  • Variety of games, rooms and jackpots possibilities
  • Rewarding welcome bonuses, loyalty rewards and regular game specials
  • Additional side games for diversion between bingo sets

It’s best to look for a site that has not only a wide variety of bingo games but also of rooms. In addition,a selection of other games such as slots, scratch cards or other casino favourites will give you an extra gaming resources on the side, keeping you entertained while you wait for a new session of bingo to open. This way, switching between game types can be done with complete ease and without having to browse or login to any other site.

Another key element to check and compare are the bonuses offered by major sites. There are the typical registration or new client bonuses, which may give you varied sizes of deposit cashback, or a simple lump sum bonus when you sign up. Other rewards include loyalty points and bonuses, various prizes, and timed specials such as weekend jackpots or seasonal bonus offers. There is a sea of offers out there, so make sure to get the best bang for your buck!

Our Recommendation: Wink Bingo

Winkbingo table layout
  • Register now and claim a deposit bonus*
  • Take advantage of tons of exciting specials!


*T&C’s apply.

This popular real money bingo site offers everything you can ask for and more, along with loads of thrilling promotions and special offers! This site has several games to choose from, including the fast-paced 5 Line Bingo and high-jackpot games! You can get into your element with a diverse selection of room themes, and a choice of several 24/7 rooms will never leave you hanging.

Free games are also on the menu, as are terrific specials such as the Wheel of Prizes, a Jumbo Jackpot special, Newbies Room, progressive jackpot bingo, monthly promo codes and seasonal or holiday-themed offers and a VIP club! (But, frankly, the list could go on and on.) What’s more, the website’s user-friendly interface with a peppy design will cheer you up on both your desktop and mobile device! Check out this top-rated host and play online for money with unbeatable safety and a top-notch reliability assurance!

Innovative Variants You Can Play Online

The classic games are 75 and 90-ball bingo. While the variation with 75 numbers is more prevalent in the United States, 90-ball bingo is more common in the UK. Nevertheless, both versions are well-known online staples. A game of 90-ball bingo involves a 9×3 playing grid with 15 numbers per card and 3 stages of play: one line, two lines and full house (all numbers marked). The full house is the biggest possible winning combination and thus receives the biggest prize. A 75-ball bingo may call for a variety of winning patterns – straight or diagonal lines, corners, X in the middle, etc.

A hybrid of these two games is the 80-ball variation, which is played with 4×4 colour coded number cards. This alternative has enjoyed a growing popularity in online playing halls – especially among those seeking something other than the traditional set up, further boosted by the fact that 80-ball players may be required to complete fun and unconventional patterns on their play cards. A quicker variant – 30-ball bingo –has also picked up online fans – it rewards the speediest player, so you have to fill your card as fast as possible. Another online favourite is the 5 line bingo, which is also a good pick for the fast-paced player. It is played on a 5×5 card with the aim to cover diagonal or horizontal lines.

Flash Fives, also known as 52-5, is a relatively new online variant that uses playing cards instead of the typical number grids and  involves the use of a 5-card hands. A caller calls our random cards while the player covers their matching cards with a chip with the aim to cover the whole hand.

Mobile Bingo Apps: Never a Dull Moment with 888 Ladies

888Ladies playing balls
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Fantastic promotions and reload bonuses*!


*T&C’s apply.

This game’s biggest plus is perhaps the fact that bingo is extremely easy to get into and involves minimal commitment, all the while being entertaining and engaging. That’s why playing real money bingo with a mobile app is a fantastic way to fill in sluggish moments when you’re out and about or when you simply prefer to play on a tablet device – the games are quick, fun and easy to keep an eye on as you go about your business.

That’s why 888 Ladies – an offspring of the successfull gambling giant 888 Holding – offers excellent mobile solutions for tablets and smartphones. The site’s mobile app is easily downloadable either from the App Store – for iOS users – or through the actual website – for those staying true to Android systems. Just like it’s big sister 888 Casino, this bingo app is a delight to work with and to look at – not to mention the bonuses and specials that are in store!