The Best Rated Real Money Online Roulette Sites for 2017

Since its supposed emergence in 17th century France, roulette has been an essential part of casino entertainment worldwide. The rules are simple – there are varying payouts for your wager depending on how you bet on single numbers, colours, or even entire sections – and the outcome depends on in which of the 37 (or 38) number pockets the ball lands.

The growing availability of online casinos has of course played a huge part in bringing this classic to its devoted fans with real money roulette sites – you can now choose to play any of the regional variations, as well as more modern and visually-captivating renditions with just a click of a button. Let’s have a look at which online casinos provide the best experience.

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European and American Roulette – Play the All-Time Classics!

Despite what common players’ myths may suggest, Americans did not add a double zero to the wheel – the double zero wheel was in fact present in Europe’s casinos until the single zero wheel started flourishing in Monte Carlo’s gambling halls. The double zero wheel, however, has retained its popularity across the pond where it had originally been imported to by European immigrants.

Resulting from the presence of the double zero – which also increases the house edge – American roulette thus differs with the fact that the wheel has 38 pockets instead of 37. Furthermore, European roulette tables may sometimes allow for bets to be called out without placing the chips (‘call bets’), while the US variation offers the possibility of a five-number bet, which has the highest house edge of all betting possibilities and thus carries the biggest risk for the player.

As far as the rest of the rules go – these two game versions are nearly identical. You can bet on single numbers, adjacent or consecutive numbers, a four numbers that share a corner, double streets, trios, and other inside bets, as well as entire number ranges defined by numbers (1-18, 19-36), colours, even or odd digits, columns or dozens.

European Roulette wheel

American Roulette wheel

. European Roulette Variation . American Roulette
No Double zero Yes
37 Pockets 38
2.70% House edge 5,26%
Call bets Special bets 5 number bets

Mini, Marvel and Multiwheel: Innovative Additions for Variety-Seekers

Regional variations that have popped up over time are not the only elements of diversity in this game – casinos that offer real money roulette online have indeed been very creative with providing exciting and modern twists on this timeless game. One of these is the Mini Roulette which, as the name suggests, is a size-reduced version of its European precursor. The wheel has only thirteen number pockets: numbers 1-12, plus a single zero, while the same betting principles apply. This version is perfect for those who don’t like to get overwhelmed by a too big choice of numbers as well as fans of speedier rounds.

Another interesting online casino development has been the spread of franchise-themed games that take inspiration from Hollywood blockbusters. This trend can be noted in the creation of Marvel Roulette – an exciting playing table full of action-packed graphics, a special bonus rounds that grant you 3 free spins on a bonus slot machine, as well as the possibility to win big in the Marvel Mystery Jackpot – the franchise’s signature progressive jackpot pool.

For those looking for a bit more action, play Multiwheel Roulette with 6 simultaneously spinning wheels for each bet – and thus higher odds of landing a winning number.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino Site for Roulette

Avid players should take a minute to familiarise themselves with the real money online roulette offers in order to find the best fit and the safest, most reliable choice of site. This can be quite a daunting task, considering the very expansive and diverse virtual casino landscape! Nevertheless, signs of a good casino boil down to several commonsense factors – some of which you will find in our recommended casino list!

Casino Live Tables Game Variations Table Limit RTP
Betfair 10 11 £0.10 – £100,000 92.11% – 98.65%
William Hill 9 15 £0.10 – £10,000 92.11% – 98.65%
888 Casino 11 5 £0.50 – £40,000 94.74% – 97.30%
Ladbrokes 15 9 £0.10 – £1000 92.11% – 98.65%

As with other games, good gambling sites should be operated by a reputable company and possess all of the necessary registration and licensing oversight by a gambling authority. Reliable sites also ensure utmost security in the handling of sensitive personal and payment data and provide great customer support.

In terms of making the most of your gaming experience, finding online casinos with a wide variety of games is also signals a solid choice, as does the availability and the number of live tables. A wide range table limit also signals that a given casino caters to a diverse crowd of players, both low-stakes gamblers and high rollers alike. Last but not least, welcome bonuses and varied means of payment – including the convenient PayPal option – are also something to keep in mind when browsing the numerous real money roulette offers.

High Roller Roulette Sites Know-How

Casino high rollers and rewards William Hill High Roller Welcome Offer £300* Bonus Highest bet limit: £500,000 Faster withdrawals TO THE CASINO

Those of you who feel confident and comfortable enough to reach deeper into your pockets might have a plethora of attractive rewards to look forward to – many online casinos give high rollers an upgraded membership status with perks such as faster payment processing, tickets to events, and other VIP services.

Of course, betting astronomically high sums is a huge risk. Therefore, as a high-stakes player, reliable online casino with secure payment processing and an outstanding customer service will be the best gambling partner you can have. William Hill Casino VIP program can offer you just that – a secure environment, safe and fast payments, and higher withdrawal limits! To top it off, this roulette site also boasts the highest betting limit out there – a proud £500,000 limit is to be found at the live casino!

Live Roulette – Real Money Experience and a Real Casino Feel

On top of the numerous virtual game variations, you can also play online roulette for money with an actual croupier who will accompany you throughout out your game at one of several live tables – offered by all of our recommended casinos. Most sites provide a selection of live rooms or tables based on a particular theme or croupier, while some casinos might even offer a choice or two of foreign language tables.