Which Online Casinos Accept PayPal in 2017?

PayPal is a popular worldwide payment service that offers secure transactions and performs payment processing for online vendors, auction sites, and other commercial users such as online casinos. This e-wallet method is preferred due to its many security mechanisms and policies that are in place in order to protect customers from fraudulent activity and financial loss. Furthermore, instant processing and no transaction costs increase the attractiveness of this renowned e-wallet, as does the possibility to use this method for cross-currency payments. With so many advantages – especially as regards speed and security – PayPal is a great option if you’re interested in registering for online casinos.

Provider Highlights Bonus Rating
888casino review Extra £30 PayPal bonus Multiple awards £100* . Excellent
ladbrokes review More than 290 games Great live casino £600* . Very good
Betway review Free Spins offer PayPal withdrawals £1000* . Very good
Betfair review £10 live casino bonus Top security with Norton £100* . Very good
*T&C’s apply to each of the offers.

The overview above hosts some fantastic PayPal casinos that we all would thoroughly recommend. While being able to deposit funds with your preferred method, you’ll also have access to some great bonuses with each provider. Take a closer look!

888 Casino – The Best PayPal Casino

The best online casino where you can use PayPal is without a doubt 888. The partnership between these two companies stretches all the way back to 2011 and ensures an instant and secure way to deposit funds into your online casino account. This quick and convenient method of payment is available to a number of countries across Europe, including, of course, the UK.

888 Casino and PayPal

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Do All Online Casinos Offer PayPal as a Payment Option?

PayPal is an incredibly secure system, but unfortunately not all online casinos have the capacity to offer it as a payment option. In the US, for example, this method has only recently re-emerged on the eGaming scene after more than a decade of being unavailable due to increased regulation – after its merger with eBay, PayPal’s presence in the US online gambling world drastically decreased. However, this is now starting to change as more comprehensive operator regulations as well as clearer legislation regarding online gambling has been put in place, eliminating shady businesses with opaque security standards.

Another reason PayPal isn’t always an option could be due to the criticism it has received in the past with regards to online casinos not completely meeting regulation guidelines. While PayPal voluntarily ceased being an intermediary between online casinos and customers in 2003, their processing of gambling transactions wasn’t restricted to just those operators who were properly licensed. This conduct had earned the company some criticism in the online gambling area, where fairness and responsible gambling are highlighted as priorities. PayPal resumed their role in facilitating gambling transactions in 2010 amid compliance with tighter regulations of their conduct. Following this development, more and more gambling operators have decided to entrust their payment schemes to PayPal – much to the delight of hundreds of players who have used this method for other online transactions. As a result, payments with this e-wallet are becoming increasingly commonplace – a trend we hope will carry on!

Advantages of Paying with PayPal

There are some great advantages to using this service as your preferred deposit and withdrawal method. The transactions are safe and secure, depositing and withdrawing money is easy, payments are processed swiftly, and even the slightest changes are immediately reflected in your account. PayPal is a well-established company with years of experience in online transactions, making it a trusted name and brand. They’ve also earned a good reputation by offering Buyer Protection, which covers eligible online purchases on websites such as eBay.

Safe deposits with PayPal – How it works

, Secure transactions Quick and flexible process High level of privacy Internationally established payment service

This service that also applies a high level of privacy to your transactions and provides thorough monitoring of payments 24/7, ensuring that no fraud, phishing, or identity theft occurs. Being able to process transactions to and from 26 different currencies across 203 countries also makes PayPal an undisputed global leader in online transactions. By the end of 2014, 21% of online payments in the UK were made using PayPal, with that statistic still on the rise, and a recent Forrester survey also concluded it was the most trusted mobile wallet in the UK. With this kind of information, you can be sure that this is the best choice for your payment needs.

Making Casino Deposits with Utmost Security

As we’ve already mentioned, PayPal is incredibly secure. The company jumps through an extraordinary amount of hoops to ensure that your personal information is kept confidential at all times. There is a number of processes in place to prevent phishing and identity fraud, which are often perpetuated for financial gain. Phishing works by using false pretences to get you to disclose sensitive personal information, like credit and debit card numbers, account passwords, or bank account details. PayPal will never ask for any sensitive information from you in an email. As a customer, you will only ever be asked for your personal details on the secure website, after you have safely logged in to your account. In the case of online casinos, deposits can be made easily with the following four steps:

The whole process above is protected by strong encryption, and additional secure protocol 3DS has also been introduced for safe online purchases, providing an elevated level of security to keep your account information confidential. This process requires you to enter a special security code in order to properly identify yourself as the legitimate owner of the credit or debit card you are using and is, in fact, required by the European Banking Authority, calling for providers and their merchants to deploy card issuer authentication when you first register a credit or debit card, as well as for higher risk transactions. As a result, all providers in the EU are expected to support and enforce 3D-Secure as of August 1, 2015. Thanks to these comprehensive measures, you can be at ease knowing that the security of your transactions and, ultimately, customer satisfaction is indeed taken very seriously.

PayPal Fees
Deposit No fee
Receipt 1.9% + £0.20
Micropayments 5% + £0.05
Credit card charge 3.4% + £0.20
Collect donations 1.4% + £0.20
Dealer registration 1.9% + £0.20

What Fees Should You Consider?

For anyone who has used PayPal on merchant websites before, you might be wondering about commission fees and transactions fees that need to be borne by you. However, while you might think that your chosen online casino site would pass on the burden of these fees, this is not always the case.

Deposits and withdrawals using PayPal tend to be completely free of charge for players in most major online casinos. This is due to your transaction not being deemed commercial, and thus no additional charges are made. You can therefore play in confidence, having the protection and ease of using PayPal as your preferred deposit and withdrawal method without any extra fees incurred. With some operators, however, a fee of 2.00% or similar might apply.

Nevertheless, in terms of sourcing your PayPal account – i.e. getting funds into this secondary account from your debit or credit line – fees will apply for those who transfer funds into PayPal from their credit card. For details, check out this table with an overview of fees tied to primary source accounts.

Have we answered all your questions about this favoured e-wallet payment method? If so, go on and check out some of our recommended operators offering this service for your casino transactions and enjoy your gaming experience with added convenience!