Overview of Popular Real Money Games Online

Most of us are familiar with real money games such as casino, card, and table games from renowned entertainment hubs like Las Vegas or Macau, but of course also on a smaller scale through the availability of slot machines, bingo halls or pool halls. So what about taking real cash games to an online platform?

Online games for money have indeed enjoyed a steady growth in popularity over the last years. The convenience of playing from the comfort of your home or on your mobile device coupled with the thrill of the challenge creates a very attractive formula for hundreds of people. In order to understand the intricate world of online gambling, however, it is important to be aware of all the elements involved in choosing the right site. Luckily, we have done the dirty work for you and would love to give you some in-depth information on the most-played real money games, their principles, the benefits of real money online play, as well as the security of playing online.

Most-Played Casino Games and Crowd Favourites

First off, let’s do a quick rundown of the online casino landscape and its favourites. With the right choice, some experience, and, of course, some help from Lady Luck, you might even get your hands on some rewards! Whether you’re a fan of table, card, or social games, there’s something for everyone in our recommended online casinos.


Roulette players at a casino table roulette
  • Welcome bonus of up to £100*
  • Instant £10 bonus for live casino
  • Various roulette games


*T&C’s apply.

This classic game of chance has been a crowd favourite for several centuries due to its simple rules and a straightforward nature where your fate depends on nothing more than pure luck and the size of your wager. A true casino staple, this table game has become an irreplaceable element at brick-and-mortar casinos all over the world, as well as online.

The game revolves (literally!) around a wheel with number pockets, with black and red colour alternating, and a ball that spins in the opposite direction before landing in one of the 37 number pockets on the wheel. Stemming from 18th century France, this game has developed over the years to include regional variations such as American roulette, which differs from the original with the presence of a double zero and 38 number pockets.

Having the possibility to play this classic online for real money brings an extra level of convenience and excitement to your gaming experience, as online casinos nowadays boast state-of-the-art graphic renditions of roulette full of vibrant colors and smooth animated effects. Modern twists such as Multiwheel or 3D Roulette will give you extra visual input, and variants such as Marvel Roulette bring you closer to a jackpot possibility. Last but not least, live casinos give you the company of experienced croupiers with a real casino feeling.



Blackjack cards blackjack
  • 3x deposit match of up to £1,000*
  • 30 Blackjack games to choose from
  • Live and mobile blackjack


*T&C’s apply.

One of the most-played card games worldwide, blackjack focuses on facing off against the dealer in the quest to reach a hand value closest to 21. It is played with multiple 52-card stacks – the numbered cards retain their face value, while Jack, Queen and King are worth 10 and the Ace has a value of either 1 or 11.

With such simple rules, it is no surprise that blackjack has been one of the most sought-after games in real-life casinos as well as online. Its supposed precursor, the “Ventiuna”, was first mentioned by Spain’s literary giant Miguel de Cervantes of Don Quixote fame, and the game has caught on extremely fast as soon as it was introduced in the United States after having been prevalent in 17th and 18th century France. Its modern name actually also comes from early American casinos – the promotional bonuses were in favour of the players who got a black Jack card.

Regardless of its history, real money blackjack nowadays offers multiple variations and styles that have retained the game’s principal appeal. Apart from enjoying these games in captivating visual renditions online, you can also take advantage of live casinos and go head to head with a dealer via webcam.


Lineup of slot machinesSlots
  • Huge selection of slots, including jackpot games
  • Up to £250 1st and 2nd deposit bonus*
  • £20 reload bonus on slots


*T&C’s apply.

Coming a long, long way from the original 3-reel lever-operated poker machines of the late 19th century United States, slot machines nowadays provide more than most of us could ask for in terms of layouts, themes, jackpot possibilities and more – especially if you play real cash games in one of the many online slot casinos, where impeccable graphics, animations, and unconventional layouts push the gaming envelope further.

Guided by a simple principle of rolled symbols matching up along a payline, the majority of modern slots offer upwards of 20 paylines and 5 reels, with some boasting up to 100 lines. Nevertheless, traditionalists need not fear – there is a fair share of 1-line fruit slots that take you back to the roots of this popular casino coin monster.

In addition to the aforementioned variety of themes, online slots also offer exciting 3D slots, franchise-based game renditions with rewarding progressive jackpots, slots with additional bonus games, as well as a variety of extras such as additional spins or win multipliers.


Colorful Bingo ballsBingo
  • Multiple variations and special jackpot play times
  • 50% deposit cashback bonus*
  • Loyalty points, weekend bonuses and more!


*T&C’s apply.

Bingo has enjoyed immense popularity among crowds both young and old ever since it made its mark on the social scene in the early 1900’s. Starting off as a simple county fair diversion by the name of ‘Beano’, an instance of excited mispronunciation gave this game its current moniker.

Based purely on chance, players make marks on their play cards if they spot a number announced by the bingo caller. You yell out “Bingo!” once a line of numbers is formed, letting the crowd know about a potential win, which is confirmed later. A player’s sheet typically consists of a 5×5 number grid, and might contain numbers between 1 and 75 in a variation that is dominant in the United States, or 1 to 90 – which tends to be preferred in the UK. Other online bingo variations include U Pick ‘Em Bingo, 30, 80 or even 50 Ball Bingo, as well as games developed in a variety of themes, including TV, movies or even spin-offs of other popular games!

Benefits of Online Real Money Play

It’s no secret that real-life casinos have been very successful in attracting visitors and creating a special gambling atmosphere for card, table and slot fans from all walks of life. Nevertheless, booming technological advances have created plenty of opportunities to provide and get entertainment online – and it is no different in the case of online casinos, which have seen a remarkable growth thanks to a number of advantages that are unlike anything a physical casino can offer.

The biggest plus might be the convenience of taking your experience online. Sure, going to a land-based casino has a certain feel to it, but – let’s face it – what’s better than being able to kick back and play from the comfort of your sofa? After all, with the availability of live casino tables, chat rooms, and expansive game categories, the online casino experience online is very much like – if not better than – the real thing. In addition to not having to go anywhere, online casinos are open 24/7 – so there is literally no restriction to when you can play, and the choice of games you can delve into is often much bigger online, where an immense game diversity is not restricted to space limitations.


  • Significantly bigger game variety
  • Open 24/7
  • Higher returns to player
  • No dress code
  • Anonymity

Playing in online casinos might also be a lot more time-saving than engaging in the very same games in an actual casino – spins, draws or rounds tend to be faster because of the much-quicker computer-operated moves. Additionally, switching between games or tables is much more swift and easy when just a few simple clicks are involved – this way you get to save yourself the walking time you would’ve had in a casino.

The benefits of convenience, availability and speed are, of course, even more pronounced in mobile app gaming, which allows you to launch your casino experience virtually anywhere these days. So you can avoid spending too much of your free time on visiting brick-and-mortar casinos and have enough opportunities explore other hobbies instead.

Last but not least – how do you become proficient at playing casino games? Well, as goes with many activities, knowing the ropes and having some experience may give you an edge –  and how else to gain this knowledge if not by playing for practice? Indeed, having a way to try your hand at a particular game in order to get familiar with it is a fantastic perk of online casinos – many sites offer you the chance to play a demo of the game before you deposit any funds, so you can rest assured that you will not be caught unprepared when you throw real money into the mix!

Other Popular Games

Speaking of diversity, there is of course plenty more where our previously-mentioned games came from. Here’s a brief look at other player favourites in which you can put your money and skills to the test.

Deal or No Deal logo Deal or No Deal Game show fans will get into their element with this online adaptation of the beloved TV classic that has amused millions viewers for years. The wildly popular TV show (as well as its game rendition) involves 26 suitcases with different values inside, out of which one suitcase is claimed by the contestant. Facing off against a banker, the contestant gets to either accept or reject an offer – hence employing the game’s titular catchphrase. Making the right deal is what gets you the coveted prize, but letting the right deal go might leave you empty-handed.

Lotto balls Lotto Lotteries are probably some of the simplest chance games known all over the world – what also attests to their incredibly common availability. After all, is there anyone who hasn’t ever come across a ticket sales point when they are practically on almost every corner? In any case, playing lotto and similar lottery games on an online platform has obviously increased the level of convenience in that you can purchase the ticket directly online. You can enter the lottery with just a few clicks, choosing from a wide selection of games and jackpot sizes, and, of course, you get to be environmentally friendly by saving paper!

Backgammon board Backgammon This popular board game is also available – and sought after – in many online game rooms. Unlike lotteries or roulette, backgammon actually requires a bit of strategic thinking alongside a lucky hand – your goal is to move all of your 15 checkers off the board before your opponent does so. The luck element lies in rolling the dice which determine how many moves you can make with your checkers. An additional thrilling factor of online backgammon is the fact that you can play with opponents anywhere in the world or participate in tournaments!

Woman playing pool Online Pool Nightlife wouldn’t be the same without the familiar cues and pool balls that perfectly complement a laid back evenings or a group outing. Similar to other games, the competitive nature of pool has encouraged many people to play for money in real-life pool halls as well as online. With the availability of various games such as Snooker, 8-Ball, 9-Ball or Rotation Pool, as well tournaments or match games, pool aficionados will get their fair share of fun in the virtual world, too. For those just testing the waters, demo games and training mode play will help you get your bearings in no time!

Transparency and Fairness in Online Casinos

Trusting an online casino with your hard-earned cash may not come naturally to some of us – you are, after all, entrusting your money to a computer and hoping to get paid out when a win rolls around! Luckily, many online casinos are much safer than people may assume (apart from the few proverbial exceptions that may prove the rule), enabling thousands of people to play online for money without any added stress or worry.

First off, reliable online casinos have to pass a strict set of requirements in order to get properly licensed by a recognized authority – namely, the UK Gambling Commission – and many big operators employ internationally-recognised auditing firms on a yearly basis to ensure the best standards of practice.

Additionally, you have nothing to fear with casinos that use games by well-known and dependable software developers – as their reputations surely stand in the forefront. When it comes to money transactions, the encryption of sensitive data safeguards your card information and personal details from fraud or misuse. The trick lies in choosing the right casino, and all you have to do from then on is: enjoy playing!