Gambling Addiction – Who is at Risk?

Casino games have become an increasingly popular, and the majority of participants enjoy this past time however, from time to time there’s the risk of gambling addiction. Suffering from addictive leads to behavioral patterns such as mood disorders and depression which cause harm to both the gambler and those around them. Problematic gambling is treated as an issue of utmost importance by our team and an ongoing concern and we’ve taken made it our business to be best informed to pass on our knowledge to our readers. Problem gambling can affect anyone, regardless of age, sex or ethnic background. Studies have shown those more at risk have a family history of gambling or began gambling at a young age but determining cause from effect is not possible.

How Can You Treat Gambling Addiction?

Treatment options for gambling addictionGambling addicts are unable to control their gaming habits, thinking constantly of the game, placing increasingly higher bets and breaking promises not to continue playing. Problematic behaviour at its core is the disregard for money, since players emphasise the feeling that accompanies the games, and this thrill remains regardless of whether the player has lost and increased debts can quickly arise.

If you, your partner or a friend is losing control over the game there are multiple outlets for help and support, you may also find this confidential self-assessment tool helpful. Whether treatment for gambling addiction is successful or not is on the onus of the participant, dependent primarily on motivation and self-discipline, successful treatment enables you to learn the value of money again.

The responsible gambling page set up by the UK Gambling Commission provides extensive information on organisations offering help. If you are concerned about yourself or know someone you suspect is affected by problem gambling the National Gambling Helpful is available throughout the year from 8am until midnight on 0808 802 0133. The NGH provide excellent support and advisory services as well as their online presence GamCare, leading providers of information and free counselling for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling and .

The 10 Features of Pathological Gambling:

Although it’s a mystery as to what causes problem gambling, there are some classic signs to spot it. Pathological gambling behavior is commonly expressed in at least five of the following 10 characteristics:

Can You Prevent Gambling Addiction?

Knowing the characteristics and consequences of gambling addiction can reduce the risk of potential addition significantly. Gamblers must always keep in mind how much they can afford to lose, and play with just this amount of money. Trying to absorb losses by raising the stakes creates a risk to manageable losses.

Before playing it’s advisable to put time and wagering limits in mind, or use the setting on online casino games to create the right environment for you. It’s wise to keep in mind that the probability of losing is always greater than to win. Casino games are a great form of entertainment and losses are the price of an entertaining gaming experience. Knowing the rules of the game is of course a good start before playing for real money. Even so, regardless of how experienced a player you are, one can’t control or influence the outcome of the game, as game results are entirely random.