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Emily WoodwardScholarship

Here at RealMoney.co.uk, we believe that giving back to the community is something every responsible organisation should invest in. Due to the success of our website, we have decided to establish an annual scholarship, aimed at supporting the education of one bright young mind. Every eligible student can now apply for a $2000 scholarship, paid towards their tuition for the upcoming semester.
The Official Emily Woodward Scholarship Certificate
Interested in applying for the Emily Woodward scholarship?

You need to fulfil our requirements for eligibility and follow the application process, both described below.

Who Can Apply?

You are eligible for our $2000 scholarship if you cover the following requirements:

How to Enter the Contest

In order to enter the competition for our scholarship, you need to write and send us an essay on the following topic: What Does the Future Hold for Money? We want you to give us your own personal thoughts on the matter, focusing on contemporary currencies and alternative payment options in the future. Here are the requirements for the essay:

Please note that essays with persistent grammatical or spelling errors will not be considered. Make sure that any references in your essay are clearly accredited where they are due.

Submit Your Application

Your application must be emailed to scholarship@realmoney.co.uk, with the subject being ‘Emily Woodward Scholarship’. Along with the essay, please send us the following information about yourself:

Deadline Starting Date: 1st November 2016 Deadline for Submissions: 31 May 2017 Winner Announcement: 31 July 2017

Congratulate Our Previous Winners!

Lionel T. Business Management Ohio State University
Jessica P. Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies University of Kansas

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